Our Story

Hello everyone, we are the Fields family and we wanted to share with you all just how we began this wonderfully exciting journey with Kare Kombucha. My name is Vicki Fields, and my husband is Tyler.

In early 2016 we found out that we would be having our first baby. It was a little bit of a surprise. At this time Tyler was working shift work in Halifax while we lived an hour outside of the city. It was a desk job that when combined with all of the driving, meant far too many hours of sitting down. It was at this time he had decided to start his fitness journey for both physical and mental health.

After our first son was born, we both had started with small health changes for the family and always tried to help others do the same. We started a meal prep business to help others put good food back into their bodies. Our desire to keep our health and wellness at the forefront of our family. Taking care of our bodies was an important foundation we wanted to teach our three little boys. During this time we discovered the drink known as kombucha and quickly became “super fans”. We would travel around the Maritimes trying new brands while always keeping it a staple in our home.

In 2018 we had heard that Kare Kombucha was a local kombucha brewing company that was starting right here in Truro, our hometown! The news was exciting. We followed the journey of Kare from their first brewing to when they were able be able to sell to us local folks.

Flash forward to 2020, Kare Kombucha became available to purchase, we just knew we needed to jump on the opportunity. At this time Tyler was working in a position that provided for the family financially but provided no source of passion for him. Our love for kombucha and wellness sparked our drive to pursue the business as we have a calling to help educate others on their health and wellness journey while always learning more and more about our own.

Jumping into today, we are hard at work delivering the highest of quality kombucha right to your door. Our passion for this Kombucha journey ensures that each and every bottle is filled with love and Kare.

Our family thanks you for all of the support you all have shown us and we can't wait to see where we can take Kare Kombucha to next.

- Vicki